2012 Integral Fellows Finalist: VillageReach

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2012 Integral Fellows Finalist: VillageReach

Allen Wilcox

Globally, more than four billion people have little or no access to healthcare and the great majority of global health initiatives struggle to achieve sustainability and scale. Allen and the VillageReach team have built an organization with a strong vision and proven results, elevating it into a model to emulate. From strategic partners such as PATH and USAID, and supporters that include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, VillageReach has concentrated on innovation and forging partnerships that strengthen the “last mile” of health systems. Utilizing a hybrid approach unique to global development, VillageReach applies public health capacity development, information technology and private enterprise to provide significant improvements in healthcare coverage and community health.

About Village Reach

VillageReach’s mission is to save lives and improve health by increasing access to quality healthcare for remote, underserved communities.

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